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About Our Classes and Programs

Kids Martial Arts

Whether or not your child is athletic, they'll feel right at home in our Festus Kids Martial Arts classes. That's because every child here is encouraged to go at his own pace. That's one of the reasons lots of kids prefer martial arts over team sports.

There's no competition. Just encouragement, growth and development. Kids learn focus, respect, goal setting and more. And martial arts is a full body workout too - helping kids get fit & healthy.

STX Thai-Kickboxing

Hundreds of years ago armies met for battle on the fields of Thailand. The martial art that they used grew into Festus STX Thai Kickboxing - the intense, super-fast style that teaches you to use your entire body as a powerful weapon.

Learn to use not 4 limbs - but 8. 2 feet. 2 knees. 2 hands. And 2 elbows. Get awesome conditioning that'll give you that lean, toned fighter physique. If you want a challenge, this is for you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Festus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ) is a truly action-packed martial art, designed to teach you how to handle yourself while standing up... and even while laying on your back.

In each class you'll learn powerful submission & grappling techniques, get awesome conditioning to tone your body, and practice these techniques with your fellow classmates. All experience levels are welcome.


For some it's a powerful form of self-defense. For others, it's a body-toning, weight-dropping workout. And for others - it's their life. Boxing is the kind of sport that brings together people of all walks of life who have one thing in common...

they're ready for an awesome, challenging, adrenaline-pumping experience. Get world class conditioning that'll get you toned and in shape. Learn top-notch moves from expert instructors who are there to support you through every step. And become part of our boxing family as you learn and grow with your fellow classmates. Call us now to learn more and get started asap.

Jeet Kune Do

Festus Kung Fu: Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese martial artists had an amazing revelation. They began to watch how wild animals engage in combat - and they studied their every move. They discovered efficient, powerful techniques that have forever shaped martial arts.

In our classes, you’ll tap into these ancient traditions to get fitter, stronger, and master self-defense. Plus, every class is tons of fun. Call us now to get started today!

Adult Krav Maga

Festus Krav Maga Engage in a fast-paced, real-world self-defense system that the Israeli Defense Forces have been using for over 60 years. Learn how to counter attacks from weapons, hand-to-hand combat, what to do if you're grabbed, and more.

And as you master techniques that exercise your entire body, you'll get in great shape, improve your health & fitness, and get leaner & more toned. If you'd like a martial art with a bit of an “edge” - this is for you.

Combat Submission Wrestling

Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling is the grappling art to end all grappling arts. You have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Sambo, wrestling and more all combined into one.

The result: Total domination. And every class is packed with powerful exercise drills too to rock your body and get you leaner, more toned, and in the best shape of your life. Guaranteed.

About Festus

Festus, Missouri is a city in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. The population was 11,602 at the 2010 census. Festus and its neighbor Crystal City are often collectively known as the "Twin Cities"; however, they are incorporated separately. The first settler in the area was Charley Conners, who built a log cabin in 1803. The town's anthem is "Festus Forever."

Festus, MO, with surrounding areas in Heculaneum, Barnhart, Imperial, Hillsboro, and Pevely, is home to Hahn Extreme Fitness, a martial arts facility that offers programs in Kids Martial Arts, Savate-Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Jun Fan Jeet Kune DO & Kali, Adult Krav Maga, and Combat Submission Wrestling.