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About Our Classes and Programs

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll see that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t something we just do as a "hobby"... it’s our life. We live and breathe it. And we’re passionate about showing you how amazing this art truly is.

Every class is packed with learning, action, rolling, and incredible fitness. Click now to get started with our amazing web special!

Savate-Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai has a history that goes back hundreds to thousands of years, depending on who you ask. But one thing is certain: It’s ALWAYS been packed with power, speed, and ferocity.

In our Festus Muay Thai classes, you’ll learn to harness this power. And our expert conditioning will get you fitter, stronger, and faster too. Click now to get started today!

Krav Maga

It's fast, it's effective, and it gets you in amazing shape. That's our Festus Self Defense classes in a nutshell. Train alongside an awesome group of our community's men and women as you discover powerful, effective techniques.

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Submission Wrestling

Subdue an opponent with Folkstyle Wrestling. This school-wide style will help you become a better martial artist with drills & exercises for agility, balance, conditioning, flexibility, speed and strength.

The result: Total domination. And every class is packed with powerful exercise drills too to rock your body and get you leaner, more toned, and in the best shape of your life. Guaranteed.


For some it's a powerful form of self-defense. For others, it's a body-toning, weight-dropping workout. And for others - it's their life. Boxing is the kind of sport that brings together people of all walks of life who have one thing in common...

... they're ready for an awesome, challenging, adrenaline-pumping experience. Get world class conditioning that'll get you toned and in shape. Learn top-notch moves from expert instructors who are there to support you through every step. And become part of our boxing family as you learn and grow with your fellow classmates. Call us now to learn more and get started asap.

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do & Kali

It's the amazing martial art created by the one and only Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do is what happens when you combine the punches of Wing Chun... the kicks of Kung Fu... the footwork of Fencing... and the brutal force of Western Boxing.

It's powerful - and it'll get you in amazing shape on your path to mastery. In our Jeet Kune Do classes, expect all this and more - in every session.

Kids Martial Arts

For literally thousands of years, Martial Arts have been taught to children around the world. But it's not for the self-defense. It's because Martial Arts help kids grow into great adults. They gain focus, discipline, and confidence in every class.

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About Festus, MO

Festus, MO. Festus is a city in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. It had a population of 11,602 as of the 2010 census. Festus and its particular neighbor Crystal City are often collectively known as the "Twin Cities"; however they are actually incorporated separately.

Festus, MO, with surrounding areas in Herculaneum, Barnhart, Imperial, Hillsboro, or Pevely, is home to Hahn Extreme Fitness, a Martial Arts facility focusing on programs in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Savate-Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Submission Wrestling, Boxing, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do & Kali, and Kids Martial Arts.