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Kevin Hahn

About Hahn Extreme Fitness in Festus, MO

Meet Kevin Hahn

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Hahn Extreme Fitness in Festus

Kevin Hahn. Head Instructor under Sensei Erik Paulson CA

Head Instructor Kevin Hahn is a U.S. Army, 10th Mountain Division Veteran, former prison guard and law enforcement officer. At 48 years of age, Kevin is still a formidable opponent and competitor in MMA, Submission Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Power Lifting. Coach Hahn studies under Sensei Erik Paulson, Fullerton CA., SiFu Marcus Charles, Chicago IL., BJJ Master Rigan Machado, CA,& Mark Slane-United States Krav Maga Association.

Instructor Kevin Hahn, tested for his rank of black belt 2/5/2016 and received Black Belt Ranking and Promotion from Mark Slane of U.S.K.M.A at the USKMA, Longview Texas Testing Facility.

To keep giving our students and team an evolution of training experiences, Coach Hahn travels the country, training with Guro Dan Inosanto, Sensei Greg Nelson, Ghost-Phil Norman, Nicolas Saignac, Tony Cecchine, Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva, Bass Rutten, & many more from the "Who's Who List" in the martial arts world today.

Since 2004 Hahn Extreme Fitness in Festus is your family's one stop for group fitness classes, personal training, STX Kickboxing, CSW Submission Wrestling, Krav Maga, Kali, JF/JKD, and Mixed Martial Arts classes.

We are located in approximately 5000 square feet of the old Home Furniture Store Building.

Fall of 2014 we will be adding instruction in Krav Maga certified instructors by Mark Slane-USKMA, Southside KALI, & Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do under SiFu Marcus Charles and Larry Hartsell's JKD Association, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi) under Master Rigan Machado.

Coach Hahn’s additional rankings and studies include:

  • Black Belt Ranking with promotion from Mark Slane of U.S.K.M.A at the USKMA, Longview Texas Testing Facility.
  • Promoted to Erik Paulson's CSW Pro Coach 1- Level 5
  • Purple Belt under Master Rigan Machado, Jeet Kune Do & Kali Instructor under SiFu Marcus Charles/Larry Hartsell’s Association/Guro Dan Inosanto & Guro Rick Faye.
  • Inosanto Blend STX Savate-Thai Kickboxing Instructor under Sensei Erik Paulson & Guro Dan Inosanto.

Head Instructor Kevin Hahn continuously learns and grows just like he encourages his students to. His rankings and certifications change frequently due to this!

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